Gardening Accessories


We stock pottery in a variety of sizes including bonsai and geometric cement pots.

Fox Farm Potting Soil
Gardening Accessories

Decorative top dressings, Dr. Earth fertilizers, decorative mosses, drainage amendments, natural animal repellent, etc.

Books by Jeff Moore

Excellent collection of books by local author and owner of Solana Succulents, Jeff Moore.

Custom Soil

Perfect as a potting soil and planting mix for cacti, succulents, and caudiciforms. Contains 50% pumice for superior drainage.

Ingredients: Pumice, coconut coir, compost, granite, greensand, crab meal, bone meal, alfalfa meal, langbeinite, feather meal, kelp meal, seabird guano, azomite, leonardite, blood meal, neem seed meal, dolomite lime.

Volume: 1.5 cubic feet

San Diego Seed Company’s Certified Organic Seeds

Organic seeds locally produced in San Diego – vegetable and pollinator-promoting flower seeds.

Decorative Tillandsia Accessories

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